Academic Expectations


Report cards include letter grades and written comments from each teacher and are distributed four times a year in November, January, April, and June. Grades are earned, not given. Any grade below a C is considered below standards and necessitates a meeting between the teacher and student. Teachers are available for extra help if scheduled in advance. Students scoring below 70% on a test are allowed to make up the test using an alternate form of the test and/or an alternate form of assessment, at the teacher’s discretion. When given a makeup test, students may earn up to 80%.

Numerical grades convert using the following scale:

A ……… 90-100 B ……….. 80-89 C ……….. 70-79 D………60-65 F……. 64 or below


Progress Reports
Academic Alerts and IEP progress reports are mailed home quarterly. The academic alerts are summaries of each class and are provided so parents are able to see their son’s or daughter’s progress, homework record, test and quiz grades, and areas for improvement on a regular basis. Parents who need a report mailed should contact the school.


Academic Probation
If a student is failing two (2) or more classes in any quarter, the student wiII be placed on Academic Probation for that quarter. Each time the student is placed on Academic Probation, a
parent/student conference will be convened and the student will be required to attend Study Hall during the morning computer time for the next quarter. During the parent/student conference, discussion will be held on each of the following:

  • Adjusting the student’s academic and/or elective schedule;
  • Seeking additional information/evaluations;
  • Providing extra support outside the school program.

If a student remains on Academic Probation for the balance of the school year, we will have a parent meeting to discuss additional options.

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