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The Monroe School accepts students for junior and senior high education, which spans from grades 6-12. The Monroe school program is designed to service the whole child. Our holistic approach to assisting students with academic, behavioral, and emotional challenges leads us to working directly with a variety of community based organizations that work to support our students and their families.

Tuition and fees

The Monroe School accepts students funded by public and private entities. All rates are set in accordance with the Office of The State Superintendent of Education (OSSE). Monroe School is an Eleven (11) month program, all rates are set for the entire eleven months.

All ancillary services are billed on an individual basis as needed or required per the student’s IEP.

Tuition Assistance:

The Monroe School provides tuition assistance to the fullest extent possible for qualifying families.Tuition assistance is based solely on need, as determined by the school and student services for financial
Aid, and approval by the Financial Aid Committee based upon available funds. Please inquire with our
admission department for all appropriate forms.



Non-refundable deposit (upon acceptance)


Application Fee


Other Fees:

Physical Education (Gym Uniform Use)


Books and Supplies (billed as/if necessary)


Breakfast and Lunch


Ancillary services including:

Behavioral Therapy Services

$67.38 per/hr.

Speech Therapy

$109.43 per/hr.

Occupational Therapy

$130.38 per/hr.

Physical Therapy

$98.90 per/hr.


$31.08 per/hr.


Success Stories


Class Sizes


Happy Students



Academics & Curriculum

The Monroe School strictly adheres to the Common Core State Standards as outlined by the District of Columbia Public School system in order to ensure that all our students graduate with the necessary tools for success. However, our methods of achievement do vary. We realize the need for individualized attention and so we adjust the curriculum assimilation method to meet each student’s learning style and needs. With a small and focus average class size of four (4) students per class, we are proud to say we are the only alternative there is and the only alternative you’ll need. Our areas of study focus on the following but are not limited to:

We see the potential in our students, they are the leaders of tomorrow. Catalysts of change for the betterment of humanity, our students enjoy the luxuries of the best scientific technology. Therefore, using, creating, and developing the next line of advancements—in any field or career, comes only as second nature. We are proud of the steps our students are taking and aim to be that agent of motivation for their continued growth.

At a time when our nation is not at its best, we are here to raise the best mathematicians of today. Our individualized curriculum allows our students to absorb the all learning materials at a pace that is relevant to their learning capacity. However, we ensure no student is left in the dark by employing today’s brightest mathematical minds to educate tomorrow conquerors of the world. We invest heavily in the talents of our students because we firmly believe in their capacity to stand against any challenge with absolute resolution. Our course selections vary from Algebra to Statistics, from geometry to Trigonometry and ally the way through relevant real world applications in various fields.

The arts have long been a source of motivation for students all across the globe. Our course selections include drawing, painting, photography, music and more creative arts courses than offered at the average public school. We realize that art blossoms young impressionable minds in positive manners like never before. Our web design curriculum is popular among enthusiasts of creative motivation however, our course offering vary and it is always best to speak to a counselor about guidance and options.

It is the intention of the English Department at Monroe School to provide all students with opportunities to become acquainted with a wide range of literary and critical works in all the genres, e.g. epic poetry, drama, lyrical poetry, short stories, novels, literary criticism, biography, autobiography, essays, etc. Students also will be trained in the writing skills they will need to succeed in high school and college. The ultimate goals are to foster in students analytical and critical thinking skills that will enhance independent and informed thought; encourage appreciation for literature; and allow for articulate self-expression.

Course of study should provide students the knowledge, intellectual skills, civic understandings and dispositions toward democratic values that are necessary to function effectively in American society. Emphasis on individual decision making and group problem solving of societal and economic issues promotes responsible citizenship Awareness of diversity and interdependence provides a healthy understanding of cause and effect actions throughout global history. Awareness and understanding of social, political and economic issue in Washington, DC and the United States and their relationship to the world are key elements for the development of participatory citizens.

More and more companies rely on savvy individuals with the know how to tackle the most advanced challenges in technical know how.  Our technology instruction curriculum is geared towards empowering students with the mental and physiological tools to meet the challenges of tomorrow, today. We hire the best minds in the field in order to empower the brightest minds on the up and coming. Seize the moment and enjoy the success of tomorrow one day at a time.

We offer various courses than focus more of career cultivation than can be listed on our website. We plead that all parents encourage their children participate in our career preparation courses. These courses are designed to prepare students for success in post-secondary education and offer a multitude of focuses.

The Monroe School offers credit recovery and advance academic coursework. 

Admission Process

  •  After reviewing our brochure and our website, arrange an interview and a tour of The Monroe School with the admissions department.
  • Submit a completed application/referral packet with the $50 application fee (application fee waived for all DC residents), made payable to “The Monroe School” and the following information:
  • Copy of most recent report card and / or official transcript from current school.
  • Most recent IEP ( If available)
  • Most recent standardized test results (e.g. group IQ, Stadford-Binct, WISC III OR IV, WAIS I).
  • Any other recent evaluations.

Application/Referral information should be mailed to:

Admissions Department, Attn: Willyne Allen
The Monroe School, Inc.
601 50th Street, NE
Washington, DC 20019

  • After a review of your complete application/referral packet, a “shadow day” may be arranged for your child to spend a day attending classes at the school and meeting with teachers.
  • The Admissions Department will notify all newly admitted student. A $1,500 non-refundable deposit (for private pay students only) is due upon acceptance and will be applied toward the year’s tuition.

Admission Calendar

  • In general, applications/referrals are accepted year round for the present and following school year. Admission decisions are mailed immediately following acceptance. The Monroe School program is an eleven-month program. The regular academic school year begins in September and runs through July of the following year. For this year’s calendar please see our school calendar.

"Educating Today for Tomorrow's Success"

Now Accepting applications for the  2023-2024 school year. 


601 50th Street NE
Washington, DC 20019

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