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Now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Vision & Values

The Monroe School will become a model school for educating challenging youth by utilizing a holistic approach. Every student will strive to maintain a high level of academic excellence and meet the goals and objectives in their Individual Education Program (IEP), this will allow students to transition to a less restrictive environment within their Local Education Agency (LEA).

The Monroe School is committed to providing the needed resources and opportunities to support students interested in attending college or vocational school. We work towards strong community partnerships to provide our students with a variety of exposure and experiences for growth and development as they move towards graduation, as our motto states we are “Educating Today for Tomorrow’s Success.”

Our Mission

The Monroe School, a private day school is committed to educating youth by fostering academic excellence in students experiencing academic and emotional challenges by utilizing a holistic approach. Our program is designed to teach students adaptive ways to manage stress and develop coping mechanism as a means to improve academic performance and reduce aggression in school and in the community. This is accomplished through integrating specialized education and mental health services. Providing wrap-around services, to include on-site mental health services for students and family members which is critical to the school’s success.

The Monroe School will provide its students with a diploma-based, college-preparatory program with courses, activities and technical skills that will prepare them for a swift transition to college, vocational training, or the work world. The Monroe School promotes an alliance among students, parents, faculty, and community organizations to produce self-sufficient, lifelong learners.

"Educating Today for Tomorrow's Success"

Now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year.


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