There may be situations that prompt for either early closure or late arrival. In such situations, all alerts will be posted on our website by 5 A.M. the morning of the scheduled day in question. The Monroe School follows the District of Columbia Public Schools for school closings and delayed openings only. We do not automatically follow the District of Columbia Public School for early closings. Early closings are made at the discretion of the Head of School. Parents concerned about inclement weather may collect their students early. We appreciate your patience in making all delays, closures and emergencies as smooth as possible. Such situations include but aren’t limited to:

2 Hour Delay
During 2-hour delay days, school doesn’t start at the normally scheduled time. Instead, the two hour delay means that schools starts two (2) hours later than scheduled. This delay can be caused by various reasons but the most common reason is due to inclement weather conditions such as snow or ice. In such situations, your first class would be what you normally have at that time. No make up date is necessary for two (2) hour delay days.

Early Dismissal

Early dismissal exists on days when weather conditions or any other conditions may exist that for school to be dismissed earlier than normal. In such situations students shall be alerted via the school’s public announcement system. Parents may be alerted through our emergency email program in order to be prepared to pick up their children at an earlier time than normal. Early dismissal would mean that school is dismissed two (2) hours earlier than normal.

Snow Days / No School

Snow days and No School days are days on which increment weather has forced classes to be cancelled on that day. Our Sow Day schedule matches that of the District of Columbia’s public school system. If they are closed that means we are also closed. However there may be times when school is closed due to campus conditions and it is vital that you check the school’s website or local news channels 7, 8, and 9 on the morning of the day in question. All announcements are released by 5 A.M.

Emergency Evacuation

Several situations may prompt for an emergency evacuation of the Monroe School. In such extenuating circumstances, parents shall be alerted both via phone and email alerts.  Please ensure you are prepared to receive such alerts by updating your emergency contact details with the school administrator. We want to ensure the safety of your children, therefore they are our primary concern.

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