College Counseling

The path to college can be daunting sometimes. Feel at home at Monroe because we have every resource along with knowledgeable college counselors who can take you from applying for SATs to seeking scholarships. Faculty and consultants assist students in grades 10 through 12 in securing information and making decisions about application to college. Both individual and group meetings are scheduled throughout the year to discuss academic planning, meeting college entrance requirements, and interpreting test results.

College Tours

College tours are scheduled yearly, giving students the opportunity to visit colleges and discuss their concerns and/or questions with students currently attending the colleges/universities. This gives students the opportunity to interact with their peers in a normal college environment. We believe that assimilation makes the college transition much easier for our students as they move away from home to greater endeavors.

Vocational Careers 

Monroe ensures each students future plans are met wether it’s to attend a 4 year college, 2 year college, or attend a vocational training program. We work with various college/universities, training programs, and communities bases organizations/programs to provide our students training that will provided them with skills and knowledge that can land them employment and possibly their future career.

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