Monroe School takes pride in being a community of individuals who work together to create a positive, accepting school and learning environment. To accomplish this, four basic rules have been established: (1) Follow teacher instructions. (2) Be respectful. (3) Be honorable. (4) Be an active learner. Monroe’s Code of Conduct applies to behavior that occurs on school property, during school activities on or off campus, while in transit to or from school, events at another school, and any actions outside of school that have a direct effect upon the community or individual students. Infractions of the Code of Conduct will result in consequences by the school or its personnel as outlined in Actions After Code Violation.


It is important that students recognize and respect teachers’ authority and follow all teacher’s instructions. Understanding and following teachers’ instructions creates a better learning environment for all students in addition, helps ensure the safety of the entire community.



Monroe is a diverse institution, which encourages students, faculty, and parents to accept, tolerate and welcome differences. All members of the school, students and faculty alike, are expected to show respect for themselves, their peers, other members of the community, and the school grounds at all times.  Being respectful of oneself and others goes beyond being courteous. Respect starts with following the dress code. It means NOT participating in disruptive behavior, sexual acting out or harassment, slander, bullying, fighting or physical abuse, teasing, taunting, ridiculing or discrimination. Respect also extends to the avoidance of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and weapons. Treating the school property with respect means keeping the grounds, lunchroom tables and student areas clean and free of trash, as well as following basic rules about the campus:

  • Eat and drink in authorized areas only and at authorized times
  • Use school phone with permission
  • Use computers and the internet appropriately according to the school rules

A school community can only be a productive center for learning if there is complete trust and honor among its members. Monroe believes in, supports and follows a simple honor code: Members of The Monroe School do not lie, cheat or plagiarize, or steal. Nor do they condone the actions of those who do.



Students are responsible for fulfilling their part of the academic process. In order to be fully engaged in class procedures and learning, students are expected to:

  • complete all homework assignments
  • arrive to school and class on time and participate in each class fully
  • be seated and equipped with all necessary materials when class begins and
  • use electronics solely for educational purposes.