The Monroe School has a behavioral modification program that though it has specific guidelines, expectations, and rules it allows for individual consequences based on the actions. The administrative staff handles all behavior that is not in keeping with the Code of Conduct. Students who commit minor infractions, such as disruptive behavior in class, may be given in school suspension (ISS), a parent conference, andor out of school suspension. Infractions that are more serious will be addressed in other ways, depending on the specific circumstances such as the severity of the infraction, the number of times it has occurred, and the student’s overall behavior standards. Consideration is also given, for example, to those students who report their own infractions and take responsibility for their behavior.

Unless specified below, consequences may be limited to a warning, demerits, and/or a student conference with the Counseling Psychologist and/or the Executive Director/Administrator. Additional recourse includes, but is not limited to, parent notification, completion of a Behavior Intervention Form, suspension, or expulsion. Recommendations from the Counseling Psychologist are made to the Executive Director before final action is taken. Except for the most severe infractions, such as distribution of drugs or possession of a weapon and any assault on staff (these severe infractions most often will involve the law enforcement) every reasonable chances given to the student to rectify his or her behavior.

The following are examples of unacceptable behavior or actions that will result in serious consequences, as determined by the administration, and staff:

Disrespect includes actions or language on or off campus that directly effects any member of the school community; willful disobedience or defiance of the educational process, teachers or staff members and sexual acting out.

Harassment and Fighting
Harassment includes bullying, teasing, taunting, put-downs, ridicule, discrimination (ethnic, racial, sexist, or gender orientation), any form of sexual harassment, or any type of deliberate intimidation through verbal or written language or actions. Harassment is not tolerated.


Offering as one’s own work the ideas or words of another – including information downloaded from the internet – without appropriate citations is plagiarism. Plagiarism will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Possible consequences for plagiarism are:

  • Warning
  • Zero on the assignment
  • Redoing of the assignment
  • Failing Grade

Copying another student’s work, homework, or exams is cheating. Cheating is a serious breach of honor and will result in a zero on the paper or project with no opportunity to make up or redo the work.


Taking what does not belong to you without permission undermines the trust of our community. Students are expected to label their possessions and store them properly in their homeroom class to minimize the possibilities of confusion. Stealing may result in suspension and restitution.

Monroe is a smoke-free environment. Use or possession of tobacco or paraphernalia related is prohibited on campus or during any school related activities. Consequences range from confiscation to suspension for repeated abuse.

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