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At the Monroe school we are committed to helping students learn in a safe, nurturing environment. Our classrooms are design to ignite ingenuity within our students and allow them to explore their interests at ease. In our computer lab our students have the ease of safely surfing the web, developing the school web page, graphic designing, practicing their keyboarding skills, researching topics for class or reports, or just enjoying a friendly game of solitaire, chess or many school appropriate games. Our library is inviting and cozy enough for students to enjoy a relaxing book or research from one.


Monroe is equipped with space on grounds in which all related services, such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, clinical counseling and remedial reading and math resources can be performed. Students are exposed to a wonderful art curriculum through direct involvement in the aesthetic improvement of our school. They work directly with their teacher to create various projects throughout the school, allowing students to express themselves through their artwork. Our gymnasium provides a get deal of room for many sports, space that allows for a healthy regular exercise regime, and other various activities.


Monroe’s High School Program is a diploma program with a college prep component. Monroe follows the curriculum of the District of Columbia Public Schools (Common Core State Standards).Our goal is to help students acquire the necessary academic, organizational and interpersonal skills for success in a variety of post-secondary settings, including college, career training, and the world of work. Our students follow state curriculum standards with an emphasis on developing academic skills, leadership skills, social appropriate skills, advocacy skills and independent living skills. Monroe provides hands-on learning opportunities in school and through our community partnerships program. This program fosters each student’s sense of responsibility for creating and maintaining a positive community. Monroe holds a Certificate of Approval (COA) from The Office of The State Superintendent of Education (OSSE).


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