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The Monroe School is a non-public/non-profit specialty school that serves students with learning challenges in an ordinary classroom setting. Our students are just as capable as any other student to achieve success in their educational endeavors, we are here to facilitate that growth.


Small Class Size

The average class size at Monroe is less than six (6) students per class. This small class size allows for more specialized attention, which ensures that no student is truly left behind. We are that inspired vehicle of well prepared teachers, well-equipped classrooms and outstanding curriculum. Experience the success that comes as a result of individualized attention in a focused environment


During and After School Connect Programs

Students at Monroe have every resource to be successful. We want our students to succeed in their natural learning style therefore we offer various during and after school programs. We work with DCPS during school hours to offer a DCPS Connection program where students can focus on specialty courses in all fields spanning from Hospitality and Automotive to Fine Cuisine and Medical careers.

Our After School Invitation means that any student with the motivation or need for additional support beyond the classroom can stay and receive guidance from anyone of our experienced teachers after school. We encourage all students to participate in all our support initiatives because we created them for their benefit. We seek to help students with blossoming minds to be the best they can be at all times.


The Monroe Edge is the offering of all our programs for our students’ benefit. It centers around supporting budding minds to be at their fullest potential.

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