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Make sure you meet your graduation requirements and don’t let anything stop you from walking the stage with your head held high.

  • Check Your Credits
    Check with your guidance counselor to see where you are on meetings your education credits. It’s up to you to make sure you graduate on time. Students must earn up to 24 credits in four to five years. A standard diploma requires a minimum of 24 credits; the District of Columbia Public School (DCPS) diploma requires a minimum of 24 credits, students can earn the standard DCPS diploma based on successful completion of the district required classes.
  • Volunteer Hours
    Participate in student volunteer service and gain value for self while satisfying your graduating time. Students are to complete 100 community service hours as a requirement for graduation by there senior year of High School. 
  • Keep Up Good Grades
    Senior year is not always the easiest but make sure you get through it with confidence and maintain good grades. Classes you take in your senior year still count towards your graduation credit.
  • Get Your  Cap & Gown
    You can’t walk the stage with out your cap & gown. Take care of this at the beginning of the school year and you can put your mind to other things.  


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