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Dress Code

Monroe requires all of its students to wear the schools uniform. We expect all members of The Monroe School student body to take pride in their school uniform and colors as it represents their dedication to being the best student possible (male students must have their shirts tucked in at all times with a belt on). Students are not allowed to wear sagging or extremely loose fitting clothing that exposes their undergarments. Although we value individual expression, dress that may be acceptable away from school at home, or in a mall, may not be appropriate at Monroe.

Staff members who work with students on a daily basis have found that students’ behavior and concentration, as well as that of other members of the class, are affected by style and dress. Students and parents are encouraged to realize that creating a healthy academic atmosphere includes wearing clothes that are not a distraction to others. Students who violate the dress code will be given the chance to correct their dress at school. For example, students living within walking distance may have to return home to change or parents may be contacted to bring in their child’s uniform. Students ultimately refusing to adhere to the Dress Code on more than one occasion their parents will be contacted (students will be suspended after many infractions) and a meeting will be scheduled with the Head of School.


Athletic Clothes
Students will be required to dress appropriately for PE which includes closed heel athletic shoes with laces or Velcro, blue shorts or sweatpants, and a blue or white T-shirt that meet dress code standards. During cold weather, students are required to have a hooded jacket or a jacket and a hat. PE is a graded course and proper attire is factored into the grade.


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